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Using of the Virtual Office service at "Marszałkowska 80" allows you to raise the prestige of the company easily, to facilitate the creation of its image, simplify the administrative activities associated with correspondence managing and allows the use of courier services without the need to sign a separate agreement with the carrier.
All in one place with the minimum of formalities.

This perfect solution allows you to run office
retaining costs control, saving time and effort.
Especially recommended for online companies, trading enterprises,
representations of foreign entities, individuals
wishing to start a business without incurring high
costs of renting office and personnel employment.

Our package includes:

* The company seat
* Address for correspondence
* Receipt of ordinary mail, registered mail and courier shipments
* E-mail notification about received correspondence
* Reception and transmission of faxes
* Access to office equipment (printing, copying, scanning)
* Access to a business meeting room (4 hours / month)
* Redirection of the correspondence to the indicated address
* Scanning of the correspondence (negotiated individually)

Additional services:

* Access to the UPS personal account with discounts up to 60%
  without declaring the number of shipments
* The possibility of obtaining the Warsaw landline number
  with a redirection to another (mobile) number

Contracts are available on site or by mail.
You can run your business from anywhere in the world.
A team of experienced staff will ensure that all correspondence
will be delivered on time and collaboration with partners will go smoothly.

This service package cost is 250 PLN gross per month, or 2500 PLN gross per year.

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