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Transfer the responsibility for your shipments to us.

We have extensive knowledge of the industry and possible risk fields, we have tools that, as one of the thousands of clients of a courier corporation, you will not have access.

We will take care of the timeliness and reliability of deliveries, we will release you from the obligation to have knowledge about the specificity of deliveries appropriate for individual locations and goods. You will receive our support in the preparation of customs documentation as well as in contacts with customs offices around the world. We will be responsible for all processes related to the execution of orders, especially in the face of difficulties – not the mythical “hotline” – a specific and competent person.

Try us, use a test shipment!

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We have been operating on the market since 2004. Many years of cooperation with our main partners – UPS and FedEx – allowed us to develop a set of practices that allows for smooth turnover of courier shipments that we manage.

Thanks to the status of a Preferred Customer (UPS) and a dedicated supervisor (FedEx), we have above-standard possibilities of intervention in cases that require it.

By putting yourself in our hands, you gain not only comprehensive courier care, but also an affordable price list, taking into account discounts without having to declare the number of shipments per month.

How is it working?


We sign a cooperation agreement

You will receive a collective invoice for your shipments at the end of each month. .

We cooperate on an ad hoc basis

Pricing, organization and invoicing for each shipment separately, according to the customer’s needs.

You get the MBE Online shipping tool at your disposal

You will be able to prepare shipments and order a courier yourself, always having our support in hand.


You order us to ship via email

We will take care of the entire process, you will receive a waybill for printing and information about the planned pickup.