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Address for correspondence

Your letters and parcels in one place in the very center of Warsaw

Thanks to this service, you will be able to use the address of Marszałkowska_street 78/80, 00-517 Warszawa for correspondence and marketing purposes.

You will enrich your company’s image with a prestigious correspondence address, or you will take care of your privacy and save yourself the nerves associated with notifications and collecting courier parcels.


how is it working?


1. We sign a mailbox rental agreement

2. Under the contract, you get a physical locker at your disposal

We will collect your letters and parcels and keep you informed about it.

3. We set the rules of cooperation

Do you wish to get scans of your letters, prefer to redirect your things to different address or will pick up everything in person? You can authorize us to collect register letters.

4. From now on, you can use your new address

First Name Last Name / ABC S.A.

Marszałkowska 78/80

00-517 Warszawa




It’s a simple way to enhance your company’s image by using an attractive mailing address in promotional and online materials. If you often change your place of residence, travel a lot, or simply want to get rid of the obligations related to receiving correspondence and parcels – you’ve come to the right place.

We will handle correspondence, you will be kept informed about new parcels and you can decide what to do with them – whether you will pick them up in person or we have to send them back to the address provided. Or maybe you need to get a scan of the letter quickly? No problem – we work to make your life easier.


What’s in the package?



Notification of incoming letters and packages


Possibility of authorization to receive registered mail


Checking the contents of the box via e-mail or by phone


Urgent notifications in situations that require it

Scanning letters (up to 20 per month)

  • Full mailing address – take advantage of having your own mailing address. This is a great solution for individuals and companies, e.g. as a return address for an online store..
  • Collection of letters and courier parcels – parcels will be accepted, even if you cannot confirm receipt to the courier or postman at the moment. Our point will be available for correspondence. Thanks to this solution, your privacy is maximally protected.
  • Permanent control of the cache content – you do not have to come to check if there is anything in the cache. Just call us or write an e-mail.
  • Mail forwarding – you can safely go on vacation or a foreign contract. We will redirect your mail to the address provided. You choose the frequency yourself..
  • Free access – convenient opening hours of the point. You will definitely have time to check your mailbox on a favorable date. Urgent notification – in exceptional cases, when you expect urgent mail, you can order us to notify you about its arrival.
  • Full professionalism and the highest standards of ensuring the confidentiality of correspondence – with MBE you can be sure that your correspondence is in good hands.


Price list

FAQ – frequently asked questions

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1.Can I register at this address? 🙂

Uh … no, you can’t. Moreover, the registration obligation has been abolished.

2. What address will I be using ?

Marszałkowska 80, 00-517 Warszawa

3. Should there be any note in the address, such as P.O.B. or room?

Not. Tagging the mailbox is our internal affair.

4. Will the postman and couriers know where to deliver the parcels?

We have been in this place for 15 years, everyone knows us very, very well.

5. What documents are needed to conclude a contract?

Document confirming identity (or bank transfer) – for companies consistent with representation (or bank transfer).

6. Can we receive registered mail?

Yes, you just need to authorize us to do so.

Otherwise, you will receive a scan of the notification and you will decide for yourself when to collect the parcel at the post office.

7. How many correspondence can I receive? What if it doesn’t fit in the locker?

Do not worry, what will not fit in the locker, we will keep it in a designated place, however …

if the activity is to be related to mass correspondence, let’s talk first.

8. Can I also order parcels to this address, also larger ones?

Sure. We will only ask you for a relatively quick pickup or redirection to the address provided.