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Virtual Office is a service that allows you to register a company seat without renting office space or having to use your residential address for these purposes.



1. We sign a lease agreement for a part of the usable space

2. On its basis, you register your company's seat at our address.


3. As part of the contract, you have a mailbox at your disposal.

We will collect your letters and parcels, you will receive notifications on an ongoing basis and will decide what will happen to them – whether they will be scanned, sent back, stored for collection. .


4. From now on, you can use your new address:

“Company name”

Marszałkowska 78/80

00-517 Warszawa


What can this be useful for?

Marszałkowska 78/80

00-517 Warsaw

Great address isn’t it? It can be yours.

If you run or start a business, you need a registration address for the company. The company will appear in public registers under it (hence the address of residence is not the best idea), you will use it in contacts with contractors and institutions, it will also appear on the business card, stamp, in the e-mail footer and on the website. You can turn these few applications into your value and competitive advantage.

How to do this?

How… how? I do not know. Figure something out.  You are the one for good ideas 🙂

How can we help?

You work from home and you like peace of mind, or maybe you travel often and want to take off your duties related to correspondence and courier deliveries – leave it to us. We will keep you informed about the letters and parcels arriving at the box, you will decide whether you want to receive scans, or if you prefer to send them back by letter, courier, or pick up everything in person at a convenient time.

Your convenience is our job.

Do you need a place for a meeting, do you need to provide the contractor with documents in the center of Warsaw or allow the customer to collect the product in person? That’s what we are for too. Prints, copying, scanning, access to a computer or Wi-Fi are also at your disposal. Rotunda, Central Station, Palace of Culture, Pl. Constitution, Pl. Trzech Krzyży, Novotel and Marriott are within a few minutes’ walk.

How do we work?

We avoid understatements and complications, our offer is simple, without tricks, fine print and a wide range of surcharges. We build relationships based on trust.

We believe that lasting relationships must be voluntary, hence the contract has a one-month notice period.

The most loyal customers have been with us since 2007, you can probably bear with us.

What’s in the package?

Address for registration of the company's seat.


Correspondence handling (letters, registered letters, advice notes, parcels)


Notifications about incoming shipments

Scanning and sending correspondence by e-mail

Weekly mailing by regular mail

Access to the conference room

Access to office equipment and Wi-Fi

A kind and flexible approach to customer needs





FAQ – frequently asked questions

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1. What address will my company have?

Marszałkowska 80, 00-517 Warsaw

2. Should the address contain a note, such as P.O.B.? or room?

Not. Tagging the mailbox is our internal affair.

3. Do the  public administration have no problem with the virtual nature of the address?

No – they had 10 years ago when they didn’t understand the service. Today, the formula of a virtual office appears in government administration materials for registering a company seat

4. What documents are needed to conclude a contract?

If the company already exists – entry in the register of entrepreneurs and authentication of the person representing the entity (identity document or bank transfer).

If not, a notarial deed (capital companies) or identity card (possibly a bank transfer) for the purpose of concluding a contract with a natural person.

5. How many correspondence can I receive? What if it doesn’t fit in the locker?

Do not worry, what will not fit in the locker, we will keep it in a designated place.

If the activity is to be related to mass correspondence, it is better to talk beforehand.

6. Can I also order larger packages to this address?

Sure. We will only ask you for a relatively quick pickup or redirection to the address provided.

7. Which administration offices are we subject to?

  • Urząd Dzielnicy Śródmieści M. St. Warszawa, ul. Nowogrodzka 43, 00-691 Warszawa
  • Trzeci Urząd Skarbowy Warszawa Śródmieście, ul. Lindleya 14, 02-013 Warszawa
  • ZUS I Oddział w Warszawie, ul. Senatorska 6/8, 00-917 Warszawa
  • Sąd Rejonowy dla M St. Warszawy, XII Wydz. Gospodarczy KRS, ul. Czerniakowska 100, 00-454 Warszawa


any questions?
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Marszałkowska 80
Azymut Marszałkowska


Marszałkowska 78/80 street

(entrance from Wspólna street)

00-517 Warsaw, Poland

NIP: 7162199283


Ph. +48 505 064 068

Ph. +48 22 622 31 52



Established in: 2004


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